How Long Does VIP Last?

All VIP packages are permanent. VIP Kits cannot be redeemed until 8 hours after the server wipes. However there is no wait time to use VIP perks after the server wipes.

Can I Upgrade My VIP?

Yes, when upgrading you only have to pay the diffrence between your current package and the one you wish to upgrade to. In order to upgrade your VIP package submit ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I Own More Then One VIP Package?

Yes, players can own as many kits as they like, but only one of each kit.

Smoke Rockets.

Q: I found a smoke rocket what does it do?
A: Smoke Rockets are used as part of the Lockon Rockets Plugin, Meaning if in range they will lockon to Helicopters and Crash Planes.

Q: How do I use a smoke rocket/lockon rocket?
A: Here is a video showing how to use the plugin:


If you suspect that someone is cheating please submit a ticket with the players name and the reason you believe the player is cheating/glitching. We will then investigate to see if the player is cheating/glitching, if so the player will be ban.

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