uRusty 5X

Stats reset when server wipes.
Leaderboard boosting will result in a ban from uRusty servers.
Note: You must have at least 1 kill or death to show up on the leaderboards.

Player Stats


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Rank 3rd

Rank  Rank PlayerPlayer Score  Score Kills  Kills Deaths  Deaths KDR  KDR Time Played  Time Played Is Online?  Is Online? Last Time Connected  Last Time Connected

Clan Stats

Rank  Rank Player  Clan Score  Score Kills  Kills Deaths  Deaths KDR  KDR
*A players total score is based on points which are given depending on the gear the victim has on when killed, the more geared he is, the more points are given for the kill.


uRusty 5X is a fast pace PVP server with premium plugins running on a high end dedicated machine, admins are actively monitoring but do not play.

Discord and Game Server Rules:

  • No cheating, scripting or exploiting glitches of any kind.
  • Talking about hacking even jokingly will result in a ban. (If you suspect that someone is cheating please submit a support ticket.)
  • Do not inpersonate other players, admins or moderators.
  • Respect server admins and moderators, we are only trying to help.
  • Any DDoS threats towards the server OR another player WILL result in a ban, NO questions asked.
  • Do not share personal information about other players in public chat. (This includes any personal identifiable information pictures, names, phone numbers, etc.)
  • No racial slurs, no spamming, no trolling or being excessively toxic.
  • Do not start a flame war in public chat, use pm's.
  • Not knowing the server rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
  • Do not ask why other players have been banned or if they can be unbanned, it will be treated as spam.
  • If you would like to know why you were ban please submit a support ticket on our website and we will get back to you.
  • Any bases that cause the server to crash or lag excessively will be removed.
  • No advertising of other rust servers or websites.
  • Any form of ban evasion will not be tolerated.
  • - Violation of any of these rules will result in being warned, kicked, muted, or banned. (The rules apply to everyone and donating does not make you exempt from following the rules.)
    - The server rules may be changed at anytime and it is your resonsibilty stay up date on what the server rules are.
    - If you do not like these rules then don't play on our servers.

    Free Plugins:

    • AutoDoors
    • BarrelPoints
    • BetterChat
    • BetterChatIgnore
    • BetterChatMute
    • BuildingBlocker
    • BuildingGrades
    • BypassQueue
    • Christmas
    • CraftingController
    • DangerousTreasures
    • BetterChatFilter
    • DeathNotes
    • DiscordMessages
    • EnhancedBanSystem
    • EnhancedHammer
    • FancyDrop
    • FurnaceSplitter
    • GatherManager
    • GatherRewards
    • HeliControl
    • HitIcon
    • ImageLibrary
    • InfoPanel
    • InstantCraft
    • Kits
    • NoDecay
    • NoEscape
    • NTeleportation
    • PlayerRanks
    • PlaytimeTracker
    • PrivateMessage
    • QuickSmelt
    • Quick Sort
    • RealtimeWipeInfo
    • RemoveDefaultRadiation
    • RemoverTool
    • SDonate
    • ServerRewards
    • SignArtist
    • SkipNightVote
    • SleeperAnimalProtection
    • StorageCleaner
    • TimedExecute
    • Trade
    • WipeKits
    • ZoneManager

    Premium Plugins:

    • AdvAirstrike
    • AlphaLoot
    • AutoCodeLock
    • BountyNET
    • BuriedTreasure
    • Clans Reborn
    • ClansUI
    • CompoundTeleport
    • DeathMarker
    • DeepWater
    • DynamicCupShare
    • LockOnRockets
    • PlaneCrash
    • RandomSpawns
    • RemoteTurrets
    • RustNET
    • SecurityCameras
    • SecurityLights
    • SkinBox
    • Slots
    • SQLStatistics
    • SQLStats
    • StacksExtended
    • Tipster

    The Punisher

    Owner & Admin





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